ALL SYSTEMS GO (And an important note for early buyers!)

45 days, 59 pages, untold hours in Affinity Publisher, and one last-minute scramble make the LUMEN Jam's submission deadline later, Infinite Revolution is OUT! I've learned a ton from this project and will probably be writing up a postmortem sometime in June. I'd honestly love to do it sooner, but I've lived and breathed this game for other a month and I think giving myself some distance from it would be both productive and healthy! That's self care baby

To everyone who's already bought the game, thank you so much, and also a VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: if you downloaded the PDF before ~5PM central today, 5/28, please re-download it off the itch page! One of the sections had a critical typo (now fixed), and I'd hate for that to be your first impression. 

If you  haven't bought the game, but have still taken the time to check it out, thank you too—and if you're on the fence, keep an eye out for some more community copies coming (hopefully) soon—I plan on refreshing them every 20 sales for a while!

Till next time: spin fast, spin free, spin true.



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