IR Discord!

want a place to chat more about IR, give feedback, or find a group to play? well now we have an Infinite Revolution discord where you can do that!

all are welcome, be cool please.

if you're not a fan of discords, i get it—while I'll be using the server as a feedback hub, every update, errata, and general piece of game-important information will also be posted here as a devlog within a few days of it cropping up. I hate having to join discords for basic information too, and i want to make sure people have everything they need to play the game without having to interact with a chat app once


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You might want to refresh the link if you're still using Discord, it no longer works!


good catch, fixed!

Nice! But I think it's still broken, the link says discord/MNx6d45ykj but when you click on it, it brings you to discord/PG5kWE9B instead.


WHOOPS lol, ty again. should be fixed for real now!