NUMBER ONE ON ITCH (and a preview of where we're going)

okay. okay. all right

when I launched IR (half-asleep in the middle of the day, after trying and failing to schedule a tweet for that morning) I sincerely had no idea what kind of response to expect, but the enthusiasm and support I've received has been nothing short of wild. to everyone who's bought, viewed, shared, rated, or claimed a copy of the game—thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

and the best part? we're just getting started.

so, on that tack: later this week, I'll be releasing an update roadmap for First Flight, detailing how and (roughly) when I plan on making various major edits and revisions to the game, as well as outline some ✨exclusive bonus content✨ that might become available at a later date. Sometime after that (possibly this weekend, or early next week), I'll be putting out part 1/? of IR's postmortem, detailing some of what I learned as a first-time indie designer, first-time jam contributor, first-time Affinity user—there's a running theme here, lmao.

also, expect one more additional announcement tomorrow—that's one I'm pretty excited about.

'till then: spin fast. spin free. spin true.



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